Dating in china rules

The tea ceremony scam has been a common scam in China for years.It is aimed at tourists who are new to China, and are eager to experience something typically ‘Chinese’.

The tourists are led to believe that the tea that is served is inexpensive, but will later be presented with a bill of 650-2000 RMB (100-330 US dollar) or even more.

“This time of year is the peek of all kinds of criminal activities related to the College Entrance Exams,” An incoming message on your phone says: “Hi, I am your husband’s mistress. You can see our picture for yourself, if you don’t believe me.”The message is a shock to many women, who do not hesitate to immediately click the link provided in the text message.

Unknowingly, by clicking the link, their phone gets infected with a trojan horse virus.

Users of i Os and We Chat are advised to update both their We Chat and their i OS version.

So-called hospital scalpers have been a problem in China for a long time.

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