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She shares gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and personal stories on her food blog, When was the last time when your partner was mad at you for no reason?If you pretended to like animals just to get close to her, and now make up every excuse believable not to be in the presence of her dog, how long do you think you can keep it up before she recognizes you lied to her? First, know that you don’t have to like exactly what your partner likes. Second, a relationship built on a lie is going to crumble soon enough, whether you realize it or not. First, why are you even with your partner if you’re going to ignore them all night long? Even casual dating requires a certain level of maturity, and as hard as it is to admit, many of us haven’t yet gotten there.If you haven’t been too lucky in love, ask yourself if you’re displaying any of these signs of being an immature dater: You expect a lot of dates.They can easily subdue to their primitive feelings—anger, jealousy, paranoia, sadness, guilt—and embrace them with open arms, even if these feelings don’t match the reality.

Playing the victim has its psychological explanation.

And when people are immature, they shouldn’t be dating others and ruining their lives, but should be reflecting upon their own flaws so that they can overcome them in order to become actual adults. Because there’s a little something called ‘privacy’ and ‘personal space’ (yes, even on the internet) that adults enjoy having. No, you aren’t being realistic when it comes to dating. Saying you’ll arrive at 6 and then making a grand entrance at 8 is NOT going to make you look like a boss.

One of the worst immature dating habits is trying to make your partner jealous by openly discussing your ex or members of the opposite sex, right in front of them. Are doing it just because you can For #1 and #2, talk to him. For #3, grow up because you’re not a fucking child. If anything, you’ll end up pissing them off even more and show them exactly how much of a child you are. If you don’t trust them then why are you in a relationship? Also, “If you have nothing to hide then why don’t you share everything with me? What you are doing is being a pathetic coward who’d rather spend time with the wrong person and wasting their and their partner’s time and emotions on a fake relationship, rather than being by themselves and learning to love their own company. It’s going to make you look like a fucking douchebag whose words can never be taken seriously.

Online dating may be convenient and it may make your life easier, but you can’t expect to go out with every guy that you chat with.

The whole process takes time, and you have to be patient even when you really don’t want to be. You haven’t met every guy on the planet or even in your little corner of the world.

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