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For cores with low unsupported 210Pb and a truncated chronology, a more robust and extended dating model has been achieved by comparisons with well dated cores, and combining radiometric dating with tephrochronology, spheroidal carbonaceous particles (SCPs), instrumental data and documentary records.The unsupported 210Pb profiles of the cores have low isotopic abundance with the majority calibrated to the 137Cs peak, giving precise dates for only half the core length.Maps of sediment distribution derived from correlation of seismic-reflection profiles indicate that this trend cannot be attributed exclusively to autogenic processes (e.g., progradation of depocenters).The observed variability in sediment accumulation rates is thus largely controlled by allogenic factors, including: (1) increased discharge of Santa Clara River as a result of increased magnitude and frequency of El Ni?? 2 ka to present, (2) an apparent change in routing of coarse-grained sediment within the staging area at ca.

In this study, six new radiocarbon (C) dates are integrated with five previously published dates that have been recalibrated from a 12.5-m-thick turbidite section from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 1015 in Santa Monica Basin, offshore California.This borehole is tied to high-resolution seismic-reflection profiles that cover an 1100 km area of the middle and lower Hueneme submarine fan and most of the basin plain.The resulting stratigraphic framework provides the highest temporal resolution for a thick-bedded Holocene turbidite succession to date, permitting an evaluation of source-to-sink controls at millennial (1000 yr) scales.3 ka (i.e., from direct river input to indirect, littoral cell input into Hueneme submarine canyon), and (3) decreasing rates of sea-level rise (i.e., rate of rise slowed considerably by ca. The Holocene history of the Santa Clara River-Santa Monica Basin source-to-sink system demonstrates the ways in which varying sediment flux and changes in dispersal pathways affect the basinal stratigraphic record. uses cookies to store information that enables us to optimize our website and make browsing more comfortable for you.

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