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It was a warm October evening - something Arya still wasn’t used to, despite having already completed a year at Oldtown University. She braced herself as she unlocked the door and was met with five unimpressed girls holding five full wine glasses looking over at her from the living room. This was the third week in a row that Arya had been late for their get together and she knew she’d have to make it up to them somehow.Sansa was closest to her and Margaery sat beside her, an eyebrow raised. Sansa and Margaery, the orchestrators of this weekly gathering, took punctuality and commitment very seriously.While all of the other girls would take a drink almost every time anything to do with boyfriends or dating came up, Arya had barely made a dent in her glass after almost a half hour.She was feeling quite proud of herself when Margaery turned to her suddenly and asked, “Arya, have you ever kissed anyone? She had never actually kissed a boy except for Mycah, and Sansa was right - that hadn’t really counted.Margaery choked on her sip of wine, Jeyne froze with a cracker halfway to her mouth, Ygritte somehow looked both impressed and scandalized, and Gilly looked deeply pitiful. She cursed herself for being late so frequently, for promising to make it up to them in whatever way they wanted, for being so pathetic that her punishment was being forced to have a love life.

Arya’s group had been given Robert’s Rebellion and she had resigned herself to doing the whole thing with no assistance.

The only one who had brought a textbook was the tall, black-haired boy that sat furthest from her, though she didn’t feel too encouraged due to the fact that he was using his tattered textbook as a pillow as he slept on the desk.

Each group had been assigned an era of Westerosi history to focus on for a research project that consisted of multiple presentations, written assignments, annotated bibliographies of existing texts, and recorded minutes of weekly group meetings.

Two weeks into the semester, the boys had learned Arya’s last name and immediately began playfully teasing her about her noble status.

Despite her insistence that that stuff didn’t matter and that her family’s relation to the royal family was so distant that it shouldn’t even count, Gendry had taken to calling her things like “m’lady” when she got too bossy. Usually his comment would have earned him a kick to the shins, but he was sitting diagonally across from Arya today and her legs couldn’t reach. Gendry cried out, sending Hot Pie and Lommy into a fit of laughter and earning the table a disapproving look and a “Shhh! When Professor Yoren had announced on the first day of History 201 that the rows the students were currently seated in would form their groups for a year-long group project, Arya had been more than a little concerned with her seat selection.

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