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"Junkanoo" is a Mardi Gras-like celebration that is held on several secular holidays.Both the term and form of the celebration probably come from West Africa.The room was so tight that you literally had to jump over one bed to get in the room. Also, before cruising I was told I had to put a 0 hold per room.I did not have to do that my room key was disabled from making purchases which was fine I did not want to make any purchases."French Creole" is spoken by immigrants from Haiti.

Norwegian open bar was really not worth it the staff was so rude and made the guest feel unwelcome like we were annoying them. A lot of the food was like hospital food with little flavor. The majority of the staff including the bartenders and waiters was that they appeared to be annoyed by the guests and seem to have a careless attitude about providing good service.These islands boast surrounding Atlantic Ocean waters that are an almost unimaginable shade of blue, and are revered the world over for their diving, fishing and yachting.It’s a place where powder white sandbars appear and disappear with the tides and Mother Nature is your only guide. Experience the pristine waters with scuba diving and marine life excursions.So if your wondering I set my payment to cash on checkin and never went to the service desk to change it. For smokers they don’t sell Newport’s so don’t run out.Based on this experience this will most likely be our last cruise with Norwegian.

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Explore Sandals' exclusive off-shore island retreat. Or relax in style at The Red Lane One of the most original and unique experiences in the world, The Exumas Swimming Pigs are growing international phenomenons.

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