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This led the Hungarian Parliament to consider founding a State Railway in 1868.The goal was to take over and operate the Hungarian main lines.The Hungarian railway infrastructure was largely completed in these years, with a topology centred on Budapest that still remains.By 1910, the total length of the rail networks of the Hungarian Kingdom reached 22,869 kilometres (14,210 miles), the Hungarian network linked more than 1,490 settlements.This system resulted in lower prices for passenger trips and goods transport but it induced a rapid increase in both and so higher overall profits.In 1891 the Hungarian lines of the St EG were bought by the Hungarian State directly from the French owners and became MÁV lines.In 1911 a new locomotive numbering system was introduced which was used until the beginning of the 21st century and is still in use for motive power purchased before then.The notation specifies the number of driven axles and the maximum axle load of the locomotive.

This helped to build standard station buildings, sheds, and accessories, all to the MÁV rules.Nearly half (52%) of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's railways were built in Hungary, thus the railroad density there became higher than that of Cisleithania.This has ranked Hungarian railways the 6th most dense in the world (ahead of countries as Germany or France).Because of relatively high prices the traffic density was considerably lower in Hungary than in other countries.To change this the Interior Minister, Gábor Baross, introduced the zone tariff system in 1889.

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As a result of the Austro-Sardinian War in the late 1850s, all these lines were sold to Austrian private companies.

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