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The movie is fifth highest grossed musical film after grossing over3 million worldwide.The critics gave mixed reviews to the movie and was nominated at Golden Globe and Academy Awards as well.A plumy teenager Tracy teaches Baltimore dance to students when she secures a spot in a dance show.Zac won an award for Breakthrough Performance by the MTV Awards, another by the Young Hollywood Awards for the category One to our list of Zac Efron Movies; This American drama is directed by Josh Radnor. The movie received positive reviews but didn’t get a financial success at the box our list of Zac Efron Movies; This musical romantic comedy is one of those Zac Efron Movies released after he gained fame from High School Musicals.

Zac stars as a US military man in Iraq who finds a photograph of a young women and decides to keep it as a lucky charm.

The film grossed 7 million over the budget of million.

in our list of Zac Efron Movies; The plot of the movie is around an alcoholic farmer, who sees the talent of horsemanship in a fifteen-year-old young boy and plans to train him so that he could perceive his dream. in our list of Zac Efron Movies; Directed by Lee Daniels, the plot adaption is from the novel the paperboy by Pete Dexter.

in our list of Zac Efron Movies; The movie was released as Are We Dating? The genre of the movie is romantic comedy-drama film.

Though the film received mostly negative critical reviews but was a hit and grossed over million.

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