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My reasons for this conclusion: 1) For most guys living in Ecuador, most girls are not easy lays and they almost always try to act coy and aloof, even if you have game, that is until you fuck them.....usually by the 3rd date, if you do things right.Compare that to the American slut that will fuck you the first night if your game is tight. The average girl is not as ugly as in Bolivia and is similar to Peru (though the average in Peru is a bit better).Furthermore, they are mediocre in bed...i.e almost never giving unsolicited blowjobs.

To them every other women is a slut, but they have principles and values.In contrast, in Colombia or the USA, if a girl flakes she wont answer the phone or contact you.Here in Ecuador some girls like to flat out make a game out of it. Admittedly, the obesity epedemic has not reached the level of America.3) Ecuadorian women (and the people in general) are the biggest liars and flakers on earth.Many guys on this forum complain about how bad Colombian women can be in this department, but Ecuadorian women are worse.

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