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So if you've been arguing about friends, it may actually be a sign that your partner is trying to find out healthy ways to fit you into their existing social life."In a perfect world, when you date, you'd love each others friends, too," Lords says."Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes it's a bad mix of personalities.As long as these debates are respectful, they can be a great exercise in practicing patience and tolerance for someone who holds a different opinion." So if you're unsure, but have noticed your partner respectfully picking your brain, remember they may be coming from a place of love.Just like arguments about engagement and marriage, arguments about other steps in the relationship, like meeting each other's families, can feel incredibly daunting.[On the other hand,] healthy partnerships are able to survive even big conflict.Each person can present their perspective without negating the other’s experience." If your partner, although frustrated, respects your trepidation and is willing to work through it, that's a good sign.

Here are seven types of arguments that might prove you're with the right person, even if you're having second thoughts.The strongest relationships are thick with arguments. Earth-shattering, appetite-destroying, sleep-losing, skin-burning, can't-live-life-without-each-other love. When I say "fighting," I’m not talking about full-blown physical encounters.No epic love stories were written about complacency from years of living in the doldrums of lame ass bullsh*t. Fighting is the key ingredient in breeding passion. I’m not talking about throwing plates and breaking skulls.So if you've been pulling away since having doubts, but see your partner asking for more, try looking into that.Becoming someone's partner means navigating the rest of their social life, as well.

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