Dating after death of husband

Andy and I were a strong team, supporting each other emotionally through the stress.

I told her you can’t control when opportunity knocks, and if you don’t answer the knock, it may not return. That’s a right reserved exclusively for the partner left behind after a spouse dies.” In other words, it’s no one’s business except the partner left behind on when they decide to date.We married in September 1992, and our first child Theo was born in 1997, followed two years later by daughter Xanthe and then in 2002 a second son, Jules.Then, in 2004, our fourth child Daisy was born with a very rare genetic disease called Costello syndrome.What made things even worse was that Daisy’s health was deteriorating.She’d lost the ability to walk and was in tremendous pain. In January 2017 she became very ill with sepsis and was rushed to hospital.

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In 24 years of writing about senior relationships, I’ve been asked many times, “How long should a widowed person wait to date?

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