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However, I recommend to not skim on accommodation if you are staying in a dorm. Private rooms in a Riad are between 20 and 50 US Dollars.

Always choose the best hostel and not the cheapest. Riads are usually located in the Medina (old town) of a city which means that you are close to most tourist attractions.

23 years old European, white, 6ft tall, blue eyes, in shape but not ripped or overly muscular, a beginner when it comes to game.

I have never been to an Arabic or African country before but I have travelled to a couple of Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore) and consider myself an experienced traveler. The main purpose of my trip was to see and travel in a new country.

I really enjoyed Morocco and will definitely come back.

I can’t think of any other destination that can be reached for less than 300$ from Europe, has warm weather in February, is cheap and has a culture that is very different from European culture.

The country itself has a very interesting culture, lots of cool places to visit (more on that below) and is cheap.

I recently spent 14 days in Morocco and want to share my experiences and thoughts with you guys.

As always, I will start with some background information about myself and my trip to help you put everything that follows in the right context.

For example, I had a well sized seafood pizza in Casablanca in a nice Cafe for only 3.5 USD. I thought there is no city with cheaper taxis than Bangkok until I went to Casablanca and Fes. The taxis there don’t have a taximeter and the fixed prices are a lot higher.

The cheapest food you can get are sandwiches from street stalls for 2 USD. The taximeters in Fes start at 1.4 Dirhams (14 cents), in Casablanca at 2 Dirhams. In general, Marrakesh is the most expensive city in Morocco. It is a fun city but for tourists there is not that much to do.

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