Dating a man who has been in jail

He sent me a card last year and I’m sure he’ll do the same again, but I’d rather wait until he’s out to celebrate.This situation is so surreal — I would never have thought I would be here.“That leads inmates who haven’t been lucky enough to get some time with their loved one to become even more agitated.Sometimes I think it’d be best to get rid of visits on days like Valentine’s Day altogether.”That said, Lauren notes that there are often attempts to try to make the day special; in some prisons she’s worked in, officers have decorated the visiting hall for the holiday.

Lauren says the set-up remains the same, and while some officers — herself included — might allow a discretionary extra kiss at the end of the visit, Valentine’s Day is treated like any other visiting day, except perhaps for some paper hearts here and there.As of February 3, 2017, there are about 85,000 people incarcerated in the UK. S., the country with the highest prison population in the world, more than 2.1 million people are behind bars.It is estimated that there around 9 million incarcerated people worldwide.For every sentence read out in court, there’s a family serving time for a crime that they didn’t commit.And as Valentine’s Day rolls around, it can be particularly difficult to handle the emotional stress of a partner behind bars.“As with any holiday, visits get requested and snapped up super fast,” says Lauren, a prison officer from the UK.

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