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But the material they share is typically based on the female perspective and never from the guy.Wouldn’t it be nice (for a change) to hear about how the men really are when it comes to sexy-time?That totally works but eventually, we’re going to want to – well, you know. Everything I have just shared with you is the real deal on how Leo men are in bed. Patrick is a freelance writer based in the state of Washington.The more emotionally charged the relationship, the more passionate the experience. He blogs about men's grooming, spirituality, technology, gadgets and more.There’s no easy way for me to tell you this except to just blurt it out. You are probably reading this and thinking the lot of us are arrogant jerks. The reality is we like hearing compliments because it helps us center our dominance. You are getting with a lion, one of the most powerful animals on the planet.Leo men like to dominate, and we prefer our mates to be submissive. If you think you can overpower us or somehow control under the sheets, think again. If you haven’t tried imaginative play with one of us, you really should. There’s a reason your Leo boyfriend wants to take you camping or go for a hike in the mountains. But we also aren’t stupid enough to risk everything just for a quick romp in front of others. He didn’t become king of the jungle by happenstance, you know?This one goes hand in hand with the whole dominate thing. Another thing about Leo guys you must know is that we love fantasy play. There’s just something about being in nature that gets our juices flowing. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you are looking for.Leo men vibe out masculine energy – perhaps the strongest in the universe. Be ready to get into some serious body adoration as part of intimacy. I will tell you that once we get inside, we tend to be like jackrabbits.

Candlelit dinners, walks on the beach and dancing to soft music are the classic tools of seduction for a Leo man in love.

Typically, this means letting a mate touch us in various places. Well, our erogenous zones happen to be our backs and chests.

In fact, being petted in these areas has a way of making us somewhat submissive.

If a Leo man likes you, expect him to open the car door when he picks you up and pull out your chair at the restaurant. Leo men are known for being adventurous lovers, so it's no surprise that they also tend to be very physically affectionate outside the bedroom.

A Leo man is always looking for little ways to be in close contact with the people he loves.

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