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We’d get our date scheduled but then would often drop the ball on actually planning what we were going to do until the last minute.And then our minds would go blank and we’d struggle to think of anything to do other than go out to eat! We had a date scheduled for this week and I decided to sit down and come up with a big list of cheap date ideas that would be easy for us to do.That way whenever we were planning a date, all we would need to do would be to look at our list and take our pick! Because I know that we aren’t alone in struggling to come up with fun date ideas that don’t break that bank.The great thing about these date night ideas is that they should all be able to be done for or less…and many of them are totally free!

They’re all or less and many of the date ideas are totally free. For years, we struggle to have dates, especially once we had children.

Since I mostly cook all of our meals from scratch, this is a real treat for us! Check to see when the tourist spots in your area have their free days and go and enjoy some local culture! Go Through Old Photos Taking a walk down memory lane is always fun!

Pull out old pictures from before you were together and share their stories with each other. Put Together a Puzzle Turn on your favorite music, grab a puzzle and see how fast you can work together to complete your it!

And that alone has been huge in making consistent date nights a success!

Something that we were still struggling with though, was coming up with fun date ideas that didn’t cost a lot of money.

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Once a month, we babysit for the other couple and once a month they babysit for us.

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