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When you get one of those, I’ll bet you a month’s salary someone else took that pic.

Just saying you should probably avoid it if you have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Also, it’s okay to fudge your age or other details to get responses. If the ad reads like it was written by a Nigerian with terrible English, that’s because it was. If it sounds like it came from a real person looking for a date, it is. Many scams are automated bots, so when a bot replies it won’t answer the question. You want an ad with some detail and halfway decent grammar and punctuation. If you strike up a conversation, insist on 2-3 recent photos. Plus, you want to make sure she’s not BBW when her ad says she’s petite! To really separate out the chaff, ask a simple question such as what her favorite color or food is.” Spoiler: The second you email “her” (because to be completely fair it might not be a her at all) and say you’re on, you can expect to never hear back again. Have fun spending the next three days untangling the mess you just made of your finances in three seconds without explaining exactly This accounts for, as best I can figure, about 85% of all fake ads.Doesn’t mean the ads that do have clearly noted locations are completely legit, but they tend to be slightly or significantly better in terms of literary quality.

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