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Marketing has us exposed to an increasing amount of items to purchase and credit methods which will allow us to do so.In order to acquire all of the goods and services we’re told that we need to have, we’ve become a credit based society.And, if it’s planned out very carefully, it can also be the most cost effective option.It’s common practice in South Africa for creditors to sell your debt to other companies, and this is typically where payment notifications turn into harassment.

They certainly provide a highly valuable service, but you can save hundreds of dollars by just consolidating all of your phone numbers to one place like Talkroute.Short term loans can run anything from a 21% – 32% interest rate – which is why a debt consolidation loan on a much lower interest rate can work.Personal Loans: The interest rate you’ll get on this type of loan really depends on your credit score but most banks will offer this option if asked about debt consolidation loans for non-homeowners.You can attach big ticket items such as your house or car, but be certain that you’d be able to pay that loan back or those assets can be repossessed. Remember above all that you are not alone out there.Contact Debt Busters directly for more information on debt consolidation loans, or our effective debt counselling service.

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Traditional service providers will charge you hundreds, even thousands of dollars to manage all of your business’ phone numbers.

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