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To the contrary, a single individual is merely a unique member of society.

The relational whole is much more than and much different from the sum of its mere fungible parts.

And Norms open praise of the dissertation, during my defense, disarmed the lingering resistance. However, bringing this unduly protracted episode to a close, in my judgment, could not have come from within the economics and political science departments only.

This is to be the core of a wide ranging program that also includes political, social, juridical, educational and other optional, supplemental themes.It is only fair, however, that I make it clear that all along my basic thesis was neither changed nor hidden.Nor was any question of substance raised against it.The Marriott librarians and staff were of great help, both in accommodating my reading and writing imperatives with my part-time work responsibility at the library, for the last four years, and in providing me with invaluable friendships. I am also thankful of her generous appraisal of the dissertation, and of the gracious words, to that effect, of David Chapman, the Dean of the Graduate School, describing it as outstanding.Needless to mention, most facts, and many singular concepts and forms of words, that constitute the building blocks of this inquiry, are adopted from the extant literature.

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