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Based upon the premise of 'having no creed but the Bible', the Christian Church became 'one of the first independent denominations to be born in the United States.' (Mead, p104)In the year 1906 some broke away over the issue of musical instruments in worship services and called themselves 'CHURCHES OF CHRIST'.

Churches of Christ believed musical instruments should not be used in Worship services, but the Christian Church believes musical instruments in worship services are indeed Biblical.

Campbell was convinced that the historical creeds and confessions of the church were a source of Christian division rather than union......view led to a censure from the Presbyterians in 1809....""Campbell's son, Alexander (1788-1866), was less scholarly than his father, but more dynamic and consistent in his application for his father's principles.

and have about 1.5 Million membership in 2000."Thomas Campbell (1763-1854) was a Scottish Presbyterian who left his church in Ireland to come to western Pennsylvania in 1807. I am fearful the Christian community has irresponsibly coerced men and women into marriage through cultural pressure. If you aren’t ready for marriage, or if you do not want to get married, you are not sinning.In the Campbell-Rice Debate on page 556, it states, "Millions of ages to come, there will be millions in paradise who will be delighted to revert to (recall and point to) some river, pool, or fountain, in which they put on Christ and vowed eternal allegiance to Him.""Baptism is for the remission of sins; together with faith and repentance it constitutes the condition upon which God will grant remission (or regeneration), the gift of the Holy Spirit, and eternal life." (Census II, page 542 by S. Corey)He continues, "According to most Disciples, Baptism is one of the three indispensable acts which determine one membership in the one holy catholic Church.Baptism by immersion is an act of obedience to Christ, and as such it is necessary for the remission of sins and salvation." (Religious Bodies of America, F. Mayer, page 384)The La Porte Church of Christ s directed by Pastor Peter J. As with all Church of Christ followers, Peters espouses a false salvation by water baptism, forsaking of sinful lifestyle, mandatory confession of Christ to others, et cetera.

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Enter Eve, pro-creation, and marriage (not necessarily in that order). And the most intimate community on earth is the relationship you will have with your spouse. Disclaimer: If you are single (or if you’re married), steward your time well. “Sex before marriage is bad.” This was the extent of my understanding of Christian dating as a teenager and young adult. But understand purity begins with the mind and heart.

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