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You can indicate on the electronic application if you do/do not wish to participate in the ceremony.If you selected "no", "undecided", or "no response" and have since changed your mind, you can attend one of the Salute to Graduates events to check in for the ceremony or contact Graduation Services via .A degree application is required for degree processing and conferral.Attending the commencement ceremony is optional and a separate process from the degree application and the conferral of a degree.Successfully used in severe operating conditions, easily carry excess loads.Recommended for the heaviest models of equipment of the world's leading brands.Tires for combines, agricultural and small-size tractors and trailers of such brands as VOLTYRE AGRO, TITAN and Goodyear Farm by TITAN.Goodyear Farm tires - best-in-class tires incorporating the most up-to-date innovations in the global tire industry.

The Library provides Interlibrary Loan service through its contacts with 352 institutions in 55 countries, the major university library systems among them.The new MSU Main Library Building on Lomonosovsky Prospect was opened in January 2005.In 1990 we started to add the Library’s traditional index card catalog with digitized catalogs.TITAN tires - 100% technology and quality control from Titan.Only Titan-approved, original materials are used in their production.

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Most students can apply for graduation online through RU Access, but there are exceptions.

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