Can you make money with a dating website

Keeping your referral link in your email signature is a good method because it won't annoy people like a sale pitch would.Use yahoo answers to help get more affiliate commissions.This could be an affiliate commission of for sending a member to the website and then commissions on two levels for purchases. If you have a profitable dating site that already has a decent amount of daily traffic, you can create a dating affiliate program to boost your sales.It gives people a nice incentive to use your site and it can drive a lot more traffic to it.

Use dating sites that you're currently on to get referrals and earn money from a dating affiliate program.The best affiliate programs are ones that will pay you lifetime affiliate commissions for at least 25% on purchases made and then 10-15% on purchases made by their referrals.The top affiliate programs are ones like the program I recommended in step 1, which pay you three different ways residually.Visit dating blogs, or ones that give reviews on the best affiliate programs.Talk to other members who may be searching for the top affiliate programs.

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This is a great way to get affiliate commissions because a lot of people are interested in trying new sites if the one they're using isn't working out for them.

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