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Anyway, I don't remember leaving there, but I ended up back at my bros place where I started the night. At some point someone put a blanket over me and stuffed a jacket under my head. So I went to take off my jacket so I could shit, and realized I had to puke instead. We were at my friends house and apparently I pulled out the sink, then took a piss in her shower. I kept running into garbage cans and going into stores just to yell at whoever I wanted too.I think my response was, "I don't want it." Only slurred all drunkenly. Did one of those 'hold the puke in your mouth until you get to the toilet' moments, then puked a decent amount. As I was stumbling walking I blacked out 4 times so my bf had to carry me fireman style, it looked like he was carrying a dead body lol.Yeah that's it was Halloween and me and my friends went to Pacha on our way there we started drinkin four loko i got so fucked up that they didnt let me in because they thought i was high lol i spent so much money on my costume for no reason.. I made my birthday toast and quicky downed my first loko in the first 5 friends were so mad at me cuz none of us got in because of me =PI had a birthday party.... I then proceeded to have my friend funnel my second one to me.She wiped me down and called up my friend dave to care for me.When everyone was helping me into the shower I constintly apologized to everyone for my small penis and then saying fuck you to everyone for laughing.I drank the first at my bros place, then hammered an Old Style with my buddy. I crumpled the can with my fist, and deposited it in a lamp.I hung around for a little while after that, don't really know what I was doing.

I then remember my friend on his knees attempting to put my boxers on as his face was right by my penis I laughed and said im going to pee on you. I then woke up at his house and had no recollection of how I got there none the less what had happened the night before. I was partying and drinking plenty of beer, rum, and other mixed drinks. Kept drinking rum and cokes at the bar all night, picked up, and got some.

we stopped at a strip mall and rolled the 1st blunt then sparked it and walked to the park..

the wind began to pick up even more so we had to find shelter.

I started getting really hot as the party started getting crowded.

I looked around, saw no talent in the crowd, and decided to leave.

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I announced this to the group I was talking with, then as I turned around to start my way through the crowd to the door, someone pushed me, sending me drunkenly stumbling through the crowd, pushing trollops left and right. I exit the house, and decided to go to my buddies house.

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