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New Edition’s debut album, ‘Candy Girl’, in 1983, boasted of the hits, ‘Is This the End,’ ‘Popcorn Love,’ ‘Jealous Girl’ and ‘Candy Girl’, which topped the American R&B and the UK singles charts.

The band’s second album ‘New Edition’ released in 1983.

Bobby Brown is an American R&B singer/songwriter who has a net worth of million.

Born into a poor family, his love for music and the determination to succeed led him to form a band called New Edition with his friends.

His wife, Whitney Houston featured in the series, but following their divorce, the series folded after one season.

New Edition members reunited to perform Jackson 5 hits as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson at the 2009 BET Awards.

He idolized singer James Brown, and dreamt of being a singer like him since he was three years old.

He exited the band eight years later to release his first solo album, ‘King of Stage’ which along with the album Bobby did not do well.

He embarked on a hugely successful tour to promote the ‘Don’t be cruel’ album in 1988.

However, towards the last stages of the tour, he invited criticism for his suggestive and crude acts.

He was married to singer, Whitney Houston, from 1992 to 2006. The marriage could not withstand his philandering and drugs abuse and they divorced.

He began dating Alicia Etheridge after his separation from Houston. The couple has a son named Cassius, born two years before their marriage.

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