Blake shelton married while dating miranda lambert

Obviously, Shelton has put Lambert behind him since he’s been dating and publicly gushing about Stefani for the past three years.

As for the other contention that the No Doubt singer and Shelton “don’t care” about Lambert, that’s a fairly decent guess and most assuredly did not come from anyone “close to Blake and Gwen,” as asserted by the habitually disproven site.

Very few people knew they were even dating -- Shelton not included."Blake was not given a heads-up and doesn't know her new husband," the insider explained.

None of those tales were accurate, and yet the website insisted it had sources close to the couple for each of those articles. A new article alleging to know Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s reaction to Miranda Lambert getting married is made-up.It comes from a site that has a history of fabricating stories about the couple.Now Hollywood Lies would like people to believe that magically, within four hours of the wedding announcement (and cranking out two other stories), it was also able to locate and speak to a so-called “source close to Blake and Gwen.” What’s more, the site wants it visitors to also believe its nameless tipster is not only privy to the couple’s inner thoughts about Lambert’s marriage, but he or she was also willing to openly discuss it with an outlet that has a reputation for fibbing instead of a more legitimate one. It also bears mentioning that in the small window of time between Lambert revealing her news and the blog posting its latest article, , and was certainly not yapping about his ex-wife’s wedding.

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