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The two have been dating ever since they met in [B]Ski’s in 2015.Stories like Scott’s aren’t that common in the college dating scene.Although Berra had success on a dating app, she said her ideal situation still aligns more with a traditional scenario.“I would love for someone to come up to me in the library and say like, ‘You look so nerdy-cute studying.’ That would be awesome,” she said.“There’s more opportunity here, so you don’t settle,” he said.“You have an image of a girl you want and you’re like ‘I’m bound to find her because there’s a lot of people here.’” Juniors Marigny Strauss and Trent Martensen faced a similar challenge. Although they spent a majority of their time together, Strauss wasn’t sure she wanted to be in a relationship.“For me personally, I will know if I want to date a girl within a couple of moments of interacting with her.You just have this feeling of wanting to spend time with a person, and if I don’t have that feeling, then I don’t want to date.

She said physical intimacy used to develop after going on a date, but now it's what initiates relationships.

“However, it’s typically the men who do both,” she said.

“Both genders are saying it could be either of them who progress the relationship along, but in reality, women aren’t active in those roles.

“I thought that for the long run we should take the first semester and not date because we had just come to college,” she said.

“I felt the need to have a good college experience.” Martensen felt differently. He wanted to take the traditional approach by beginning their relationship as friends.

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