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In fact, I've never come even remotely close to playing make-believe in the bedroom. It's challenging enough to feel comfortable being yourself during sex, let alone someone else. All these anxieties have kept me from giving it a try, until now.There's never been a safer time to confront my fears.It’s just sad to know that there are so many sites out there that aren’t up to snuff, but that’s the way of the world.You can be the kinkiest guy on the planet and up for more fun than any of these girls have ever had in their lives, but it isn’t going to matter if you’re on a site that just doesn’t work. Numbers don’t lie, and that’s why we really take the time to do this research.

I seem on the surface to be the sort of woman who would be an expert at role-playing, that sexy game where a couple take on new identities to fulfill a naughty fantasy.With the data that we’ve gathered, it should be a no-brainer about which sites to try out.You might want to pop on more than one of them to multiply your chances, but other than that, we really suggest that you follow the research we’ve done, and trust in the sites that we’ve proven to be amazing. We wish we had someone to guide us in our original online dating endeavors, but there just wasn’t anyone around doing the kind of research that we do today. We’ve got your back, and these are really the sites that are going to give you the kinky night of a lifetime.What if your partner thinks that you need him to take on a different persona in order to get turned on or that your wandering mind means you have a wandering eye too?Well, Kerner has a trick for that—bring up your fantasy as a compliment.

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