Axl rose dating lana del rey

Let’s take a look at Del Rey’s artistic dating history. Her next relationship was with a former member of the Scottish band Kassidy.

Their split was pretty quick and not much coverage followed it.

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If you would ask me about the last name "Rose", i think it means a pretty red flower! He later found out his real fathers name was Rose, aaaaand so in 1986 he legally changed his name from to W.Some artists like Ariana Grande will blatantly dedicate a short serenade to their love with their name as the song title.Whereas, Lana Del Rey prefers to reveal less while providing all the poetic descriptions.The talented singer was born on June 21, 1985, as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. During her childhood, she grew up in a Roman Catholic family. She studied philosophy there with an emphasis on metaphysics. After that, she struggled a lot to get into mainstream music.Lana Del Rey started her professional singing career in 2005. Similarly, she also released another EP, “Kill Kill” in 2008. Additionally, she has more than 13.6 million and 11.2 million fans on her Instagram and Facebook respectively.

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It seems fitting to want to know who we’re going to hear about next in her songs. Axl Rose is best known for being the Frontman of American hard rock band, Guns N’ Roses. Axl Rose and Lana Del Rey may not have lasted long but at least their taste in music is compatible.

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