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The soap star has had an incredible 2019 - first she announced she's pregnant and now she's getting married.

He has more than Oliver was born in the United Kingdom.

Here’s everything you need to know including her Instagram page. Here’s everything you need to know about the reality favourite including her age, parents and social media accounts as we watch her on E4 in the new series.

Habbs - real name Sophie Habboo – is back on our TV screens on Made In Chelsea Croatia which frankly, has had some amazing locations this year. Living the life on MIC, everyone is intrigued about Habbs’ parents. Well, while it isn’t confirmed, Sophie’s mum seems to be self-employed and her dad is a founder of a management company for executive industries. Then follow her at habboosophie where she already has nearly 89,000 followers.

Fans speculated over the pictures on Instagram, after Leona wore a sparkling dazzler on her engagement finger.

But the star didn't reveal anything, until now.

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Taking to Instagram to make the announcement, Leona wrote: "My heart is singing the happiest song it’s ever sung!

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