Are holly and joshua from american idol dating

Unless everyone else sucks worse, Hollie’s in a river deep and mountain high’s worth of trouble.

The judges unanimously loved her and that should be enough to finish her off as their approval is often the kiss of death.

Starting us off with the ‘60s theme is Hollie Cavanagh (I really hoped if I stayed away long enough you all would have killed her off before I got back!

) and she butchered Ike & Tina Turner’s “River Deep Mountain High” in new and inventive ways. She sang at us and while she really sounded good in parts, it was a song that needed depth and an understanding of the blues and she couldn’t carry that.

Crazy Uncle Steven Tyler missed the melody but said Phil gets away with it.

Ryan might have murdered PP’s chances in the competition however by showing the world that he’s taken and pointed out his girlfriend in the audience.

To help our weak finalists muscle through tonight’s show Jimmy Iovine brought in his buddy and Bruce Springsteen’s main guy Little Steven Van Zandt (Some will know him as main guy to a different kind of boss…Tony Soprano to whom he played Silvio).Joshua definitely had some bobbles and Phil raspily growled all over it so it seemed like he had the upper hand but ultimately it got away from them both, capped off by PP putting his arm around Joshua and getting forcefully shoved in my new favorite moment, ever.Steven said the high parts and the harmonizing was exactly what he needed tonight and called the pairing “a match made in Heaven.” Predictably Jessica Sanchez does Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” and predictably she gave a technically perfect, soulless performance.I know it seems I’ve been MIA since Erika Van Pelt left us at Top Ten elimination but, no my friends, alas, I was there!I cried when Heejun Han left, laughed like a maniac when Deandre Brackensick finally left us and felt a little angry and elated when Colton Dixon left two weeks ago and nothing but angry with no elation when Elise Testone was the bottom vote getter last week.

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