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This order arose out of nine one-on-one disputes between radio stations and music producers, but was applied as an in rem order rather than an in personem order.

Thus, music producers who weren't part of the original disputes also became governed by the order, despite the appeals by T-Series and SIMCA against the Copyright Board order applying to them.

Private sector investment is adversely affected by three kinds of policy uncertainty - macroeconomic uncertainty, sectoral policy uncertainty, and regulatory risk.

The role of Economic Policy Uncertainty at the macroeconomic level has been measured globally (Baker et al, 2016).

These can be investments in new technologies or market segments, or investments in infrastructure.

Multiple guidelines on the same subject can cause delays in the resolution of uncertainty.Sectoral-level policy uncertainty can be measured through surveying firms sampled across sectors, asking them about expectations about future growth and costs at various horizons (Altig et al, 2019).For example, firms can report not just their expectations about future profits, but the distribution across the possible profit outcomes that they can expect.Firms are deterred from investing by policy uncertainty (Bloom, 2009).When firms are unclear about the future economic environment, they hold back on investing till uncertainty declines.

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