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All the credit [for] "Kaho Naa..." went to Hrithik Roshan.

So all those wannabez out there, Please don't begg and try with her!!! The cast of Contagion - 2011 includes: Dan Aho as Aaron Barnes Ylian Alfaro Snyder as Sick Citizen Maura Antas as Family Member Joseph Anthony Foronda as WHO Official Jason Babinsky as Shivering Man Erik Batoog as Sick Guy Jonny Beltran as Pharmacy Rioter Brandon Berk as Extra Mary Beth Dolan as Nun Andrew Biesen as Pedestrian Adam Blaszkiewicz as Angry Person Ira Blumen as Helpful Doctor Jeff Botelho as Captain at CDC Ahmed Boulane…Starred in Vikram Bhatt's shelved film co starring her brother Ashmit Patil.The film was a thriller based on reincarnation Amisha was to die at the interval then be born as Ashmit in the next life time.She did this because she felt it would give her more feel to the role.However, now she finds smoking hard to stop and says she is addicted.

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