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RH BOD on the lookout for a NEW Manager as Beeraj and Red's resignations have been accepted!The RH BOD in a press release stated that they were very happy with Red's managerial performance and therefore had no issue with his wanting to leave the post.The ADC is currently checking the responses to the form.Those that have not submitted the form will be penalized along with their club.TZ is slowly getting back to regular practice sessions!At KITFO the Bleep Test saw many cheats but Keano scored the highest amongst the TZLC Adults with a tally of Level 8 9th stage!!! The current record is held by KFANDRA youth player Tanny at Level 12!!!Wednesday 25/05/16 News is slowly filtering in regarding the AVA of players in clubs for the TZLC9.

) Rock, Player Manager of AA will be resigning as AA Manager.He has also stated that he will be exiting the TZLC as he's tired after playing a match and also TZ because of the training and can't earn more money because he keeps snapping at his collegues and other big shots and therefore he spends more time repairing relationships then...... A big apology to Rock and everyone reading this as some prankster had entered the ADC Offices and typed in some some highly advanced software we can't erase the 3 lines above.... The TZLC and TZ will always welcome Rock back if and ever he wants to rejoin.He has always been an inspiration to every member and he will be dearly missed.After lagging behind for most of the Season, the Mariners raced to a CLEAR VICTORY with some brilliant tranfers. Adu wins a special prize from the ADC and possibly a cash amount! The ADC hopes the members that participated in the BTB enjoyed themselves!!!Friday 27/05/16 Balance Sheets to be updated today!!

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