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It’s a good day.” :) Even quoting the Alec Grevin and his little red book, “How to Talk to Girls”. When there should be a girl for every boy, all people of your opposite gender is already taken by some other dude or gal.

Also, later in the semester, teaching empathetic social skills that can benefit both of the straight partners in each couple.

We currently enforce, and have made required, Sexual Education classes in High Schools most everywhere.

That is good for AFTER Date #3 or so, but the question remains, “How do we find, attract and talk to a single member of our individually respective Opposite Gender to even have a First Date Ever With?

Dating Education is Chris's term for the formal instruction he believes should be provided to instruct people on how to date. Food is a conversation foundation - "Can we go get lunch/dinner?

As with "Sex Ed," Chris abbreviates dating education to "Date Ed," and frequently makes use of the (alleged) joke that the idea of "Date Ed" sounds "Dated." The lack of Dating Education classes is something Chris has frequently complained about, with him seemingly being unaware of (or just ignoring) the fact that an appropriately qualified therapist can teach him the social skills he desires.

If there were any unpaired people of one gender in the class, volunteers of the opposite gender from within the school’s student roster can be brought in for them. It is a fact that individuals who were unable to find their opposite-gender Sweetheart or crushes and get lucky before adulthood are likely tempted to turn homo…

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