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With communism in place, Jews would be able to carry out the same Christian genocide they have in Russia but on a much larger scale.Let’s also not forget that one year after the massacre of Germans in the Danzig Corridor, the same Russian NKVD Jews and Polish Zionist Jews committed white genocide on the Poles.

It wasn’t until the fall of communism that so effectively protected the atrocities of the Jews that the world has been told the truth.

For however a brief period of time, Germans had liberated the lands plagued by the Jewish Bolsheviks and saved their people from rape and mass executions, also reopening churches Jews shut or burned down.

Unfortunately, after decades of oppression, the fear struck Russians dared not oppose the Jews and as the threat of being sent back to the Gulags loomed over their heads, they marched against the Germans, for anyone who didn’t was dealt with the very people who had turned lives of tens of millions to hell for far lesser “offenses”.

Edward Rydz-Śmigły – commander in chief of Poland’s army said: Protected by the Polish army and merrily joined by Russian NDVK Jews, Polish Jews went around raping and murdering German civilians in the Danzig corridor by the tens of thousands, raping every woman and child, crucifying little ones by nailing them to barn doors.

Germany had protested the mass killings of their people in writing to the League of Nations several times but nothing was done about it.

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