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Someone brought marijuana to the park so we could try it.

I tried it and to this day I remember how much it made me laugh.

Milly stopped working as a prostitute when he realized customers were getting used to paying a maximum of only CZK 200 for their satisfaction. Then there is the Romani man who, for understandable reasons, wants to remain anonymous. My sister and I spent a lot of time outside on the street with our friends.

Some were only willing to pay in bowls of soup - but even they were still the decent ones. You did your job and then they beat you until you bled and refused to pay you. When I was 11, I started smoking cigarettes from time to time, but neither my mother nor my grandmother knew.

"When you are a 16-year-old hooker you enjoy a really good standard of living, but by the time you are over 20, if you do drugs, you have absolutely no chance.Until July 2008, the organization was located on Nepomuckého street in Prague 5.However, for reasons that remain obscure, the Prague 5 municipal leadership canceled the lease held by the Projekt Šance (Project Chance) civil association."Believe me, I'd like to stop this, not do drugs, not sleep with old guys, live a normal life, but first I have to make money." Honza's fate is far too similar to the stories of male Czechoslovak prostitutes contacted by journalist Cyril Valšík during the 1990s."It was not until 1982 that I learned the prostitution of male minors even existed, but then I read an article about this problem in the newspapers. Besides the 1997 film "Mandragora" by the Polish director Wiktor Grodecki, Valšík's book is one of only a very few works from this country about the issue of male -often labeled homosexual - prostitution.

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