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All of us end up a little distorted by our experiences: over-vigilant or too relaxed; too concerned with money or overly indifferent to material goods; frightened of sex or excessively decadent.They won’t be unique in having been messed up, we’re clear on this score, but their disturbances will be fascinatingly specific to them.

With a light touch, we’re trying to get a sense of their particular take on the drama of growing up.

We’re signalling that understanding their child self will be vital to grasping how they behave and who they are as adults.

It will also lay down a reserve of compassion at moments when their adult selves are overwhelmed by the dynamics of the past.

Such comments playfully reflect how comparatively surface most chat ends up being and how unnerving and yet delightful it can be to sense that for once the focus of another’s interest is firmly on the details of our souls.

We’re not only concerned with what goes well for them; we’re accepting of, and curious about their reversals.

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