Accommodating other cultures in business

This something is often quite lengthy, off the actual subject andprobably with a touch of some earlier experience that no one else can recognize. In the end, however, it might work, and everyone will then use the experience from this BI project when they give their opinion about the next project. After all, most business intelligence, whether it is tools, methodology, or concepts, comes from the New World the land of marketing, where the same concept can be invented over and over again as necessary.

In the end, the manager decides, and the project moves on. This superior ability at marketing is also a reason why most success stories come from the U. The situation is probably also pushing Americans to be more open and publicize how they work, whereas other countries can remain more silent and paranoid toward their competitors.

Cultural differences might also exist on a more global scale, where different countries tend to do things differently from each other. France, on the other hand, is altogether a different story.

The result may be inefficiency, but better inefficiency than conflict.

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These differences may be due to ethnic and racial background, age, geography, religion, and even the kind of school people attended.

(We discussed what is cultural diversity in this blog.) What’s fascinating is that classic examples of cultural differences are often misinterpreted as mere personality traits.

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So, lets try to take different cultures into account whether they are on a national or organizational level before implementing business intelligence.

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