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Rock OA 1.8.7 allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information because the webmain/webmain publictreestore method constructs a SQL WHERE clause unsafely by using the pidfields and idfields parameters, aka background SQL injection.

In CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) before 2.2.10, an authenticated user can achieve SQL Injection in class.showtime2_via the functions _updateshow (parameter show_id), _inputshow (parameter show_id), _Getshowinfo (parameter show_id), _Getpictureinfo (parameter picture_id), _Adjust Name Seq (parameter shownumber), _Updatepicture (parameter picture_id), and _Deletepicture (parameter picture_id).

There is a SQL Injection vulnerability in jsp/New Threshold via the resourceid parameter.

Therefore, a low-authority user can gain the authority of SYSTEM on the server.

Due to a lack of user input validation in parameter handling, it has various SQL injections, including on the login form, and on the search form for a key ring number.

includes/db/class.reflines_in Front Accounting 2.4.6 contains a SQL Injection vulnerability in the reference field that can allow the attacker to grab the entire database of the application via the void_filter Type parameter.

A SQL injection vulnerability in the reporting component of Avaya Control Manager could allow an unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary SQL commands and retrieve sensitive data related to other users on the system.

Affected versions of Avaya Control Manager include 7.x and 8.0.x versions prior to

A successful exploit could allow the attacker to modify entries in some database tables, affecting the integrity of the data.A successful exploit could allow the attacker to view or modify entries in some database tables, affecting the integrity of the data.An issue was discovered in Zoho Manage Engine Application Manager through 14.2.One can consequently upload a malicious file using the "Execute Program Action(s)" feature.An issue was discovered in Zoho Manage Engine Op Manager through 12.4x.

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EARCLINK ESPCMS-P8 has SQL injection in the install_pack/index.php? install_pack/espcms_public/espcms_may allow retrieving sensitive information from the ESPCMS database.

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