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Among them is company co-founder and president Gabe Newell.

Game Informer’s source seems to suggest that Newell is not interested in making Half-Life 3.

According to the Game Informer podcast, one was an RTS, while another was a riff on adventure games, done with live-action actors.

Dead end after dead end after dead end.” He suggested that Valve is now fed up of being asked about it.

The art was acquired by the fan website Valve Time, who claimed the images were from a 2008 project.

If they are indeed real concept sketches created by Valve, they suggest that work was certainly underway on Episode Three.

You’ll find links to the other pieces at the bottom of this article. More intriguing than the actual magic that makes your GPU work, and more elusive than a good movie tie-in game, Valve’s third game in the seminal shooter series has been missing in action for a decade now. If you’ve been keeping your ears close to the ground, you’ll have discovered enough tidbits to keep the candle of hope burning yourself.

With every passing year that Valve conspicuously fails to mention it, the mystery deepens. It’s not a bright light, admittedly, but there’s certainly a flame flickering in the darkness.

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